Why most forex traders fail, and how they can avoid that with Q8 Trade’s education tools?

Forex, short for Foreign Exchange and also known as FX or currency trading, is the largest financial market in the world with a daily trading volume of over $5 trillion. Yet, most of the traders fail when it comes to investing in forex. Even though trading in forex isn’t the easiest task, there are a few successful traders in this market, traders who made sure to follow the right path.  Let’s take a look at the tools provided Q8 Trade that can help you start right.

Market Understanding

As the currencies market changes, it comes with new opportunities, but most importantly new risks. The currencies market is something a trader needs to learn, to understand and to join when a trend is defined. Not understanding the market can be fatal for a trader. By following a strict education process, most successful traders plan ahead and are rarely surprised by market changes, if they occur. Q8 Trade provides you with all the relevant market tools (Market Scanner, Market News, …) to ensure that you are always ahead of the pack.


Similarly to the lack of market understanding, another factor that contributes to forex trading failure is the lack of knowledge. Actually, like for any business, you need to learn and know the business in order to be profitable. Learning never stops. To continuously find new ways to profit from the evolving market, you can rely on the E-Books, Webinars, and soon to come Education Center, all provided by Q8 Trade free of charge.


Failing to plan in forex is planning to fail. The first step in achieving success in forex trading is to create and follow a trading plan. A successful trader works within a documented plan and has the discipline required to follow it. With Q8 Trade, your personalized account manager who will assist you and guide you, can help you set this strategic plan. Once your objective and strategy set, you simply need to follow it.


Setting unrealistic targets and goals is another very common reason why most forex traders fail. Forex trading has a learning curve, and being aware of that, Q8 Trade has all the tools to help you becoming proficient at it. If you want to know how it feels to truly trade without risking your money, then go for the Q8 Trade demo account. Trading with Q8 Trade’s demo account is a great way to sharpen your trading skills, but most importantly your expectations, so you can start trading right, without risking your own capital.

As the Winner of the #1 Trusted Platform of 2019 in the MENA Region, Q8 Trade is committed to providing its clients with the best trading experience available. Most importantly, by giving you the tools to Start Right, Q8 Trade aims to empower you to make educated decisions about your investments whether you are a novice trader or a seasoned one.

Make your move on the market with Q8 Trade, a local partner you can trust.

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About Q8 Trade:

Q8 Trade is an online brokerage services, regulated by the Jordan Securities Commission (JSC) under Company national number 200173579 through Al Manara Capital Co. Ltd who is authorized to use the Q8 Trade trademark by the parent company that owns the trademark and/or its subsidiaries. Q8 Trade has received international recognition for its credibility by Finance Derivative with the ‘Most Trusted Trading Platform MENA 2019’ award.

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