An Interview with Morgan Akchehirlian, CEO and Founder of

CoHostMarket is a brand new marketplace for homeowners and Airbnb property manager/short term rental property management who run or wish to start short term rental, and need extra set of hands to help them manage their property, listing or guest in more than 190 countries.

Below is our recent interview with Morgan Akchehirlian , CEO and Founder of Cohostmarket.

What do you feel like you’re accomplishing with CoHostMarket?

Because of my experience with the short-term rental market, and with Airbnb in particular, I know just how many people out there have benefited from it. I have seen it firsthand. My goal with CoHostMarket is to empower entrepreneurs to take full advantage of everything that Airbnb has to offer – and to support homeowners, vacation property managers, and other real estate professionals who want to get in on the action. I think that this is a platform that represents a ton of potential within this industry, and I’m proud to play an active role in it.

Tell us about your background.

I am an entrepreneur at heart. My experience with Airbnb is extensive, so I know how the platform works and what separates good hosts from great ones. Given what I have learned, I decided to build something that other people could use. I am taking all my skills in business, technology, and real estate and combining them into one user-friendly, ultra-secure tool.

What does CoHostMarket do and how does it work?

Co-Host market is a tool for connecting Airbnb hosts, which are remote short-term rental property managers, to the homeowners and real estate professionals who need their services. There are also cleaning professionals and other interested parties on the platform, all looking to help out others and build businesses for themselves. The value that we provide comes down to convenience and security: we are making it easy and safe for people to set up co-hosting arrangements.

How is it different from other similar companies?

To be honest, there is nothing quite like CoHostMarket out there. While Airbnb has run hosting programs before, they have since shut that down. It makes sense that something like this would need to be external to Airbnb, taking into account liability and manpower. This is an innovative platform that is pushing the short-term rental market forward one relationship at a time, facilitating smoother, higher-quality operations and better experiences for the renters.

How have people responded to CoHostMarket so far?

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s clear that the people who understand what we are doing appreciate it deeply, and to those who don’t quite understand it, we promise to keep working to provide educational resources. That is, in fact, our biggest hurdle: communicating to people just what it is that we are doing on CoHostMarket. That is not going to be easy, but if Airbnb itself is any indication, people are open to learning about new online platforms and even using them in time as long as the benefits are there. The benefits are there, they’re clear, and we are confident that the public will see that.

Any future plans?

Yes! I intend to continue to improve CoHostMarket every single day, doing whatever is necessary to build this into a world-class platform. I want people to think of CoHostMarket immediately any time they are considering building their business on Airbnb or expand their business plans to include the platform. Little by little, I think that it’s possible for us to do something special here.

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