Glow King Balloons Transform any Party into a Trendy, Highly Memorable Event

July 25, 2022 – Trendy hosts know how popular black light parties are worldwide. For those that want to elevate their gathering to the event of the season, Glow King has a line of luminescent décor and accessories to make any gathering the most popular celebration of the year. Glow King products have been featured in numerous print, TV and online publications.

Party-goers will delight in the company’s line of neon balloons, party tape and party streamers. When placed under a black light, Glow King products stand out in bright contrast to the environment. A black light emits UV-A light and any object that’s reactive to the bandwidth emitted by a black light will glow for an epic party environment.

The 12-inch neon balloons are available in packs of 25 and 50 to accommodate parties of any size. The balloons come in mixtures of yellow, orange, blue and green. Glow King also has fluorescent balloons in packs of 75, designed for making toy animals and other shapes. They inflate to 2 inches around and 60 inches in length. They’re a cost-effective way to decorate for a stellar party.

In ordinary light, they’re bright neon-colored balloons. When placed under black light, the balloons glow, creating an entirely different landscape to the delight of party-goers. The balloons can be inflated using air from a pump or compressor – or filled with helium for extra interest. Fluorescent balloons are a hit at any party, from family gatherings to chic social events.

Glow King luminescent balloons are an ideal addition to any festivities, whether it’s a birthday bash, graduation celebration or pool party, along with fundraisers, festivals and carnivals. The company offers discounts when buying two or more balloon packs and customers can save on Glow King’s premium glow tape when they purchase a balloon pack. Featured in multiple media outlets, the balloons transform any gathering into a memorable event.

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