Best-Selling Author, Michelle Mehta, Releases New Book on Personal Change

New Jersey – July 25, 2022 – Certified life coach, teen confidence expert, and best-selling author, Michelle Mehta, has released her newest book, “Friday: The New Monday: 52 Secrets to Set Up Your Week for Success Before it Begins.” Available on Amazon in a Kindle edition, Mehta provides readers with ways to insert more positivity in their lives every week of the year.

Published by the Mind Spirit Works (MSW) publishing house, Mehta knows first-hand how overwhelming day-to-day life can be. Many individuals are still finding their footing after the COVID-19 pandemic. They’re having problems adjusting to what’s been called the new normal and they feel like they’re having one bad day after another.

Mehta addresses that feeling and is well-known for her self-help books. Change is inevitable and the author knows it doesn’t have to be a frightening prospect, nor does it require sweeping life-altering gestures. She leads readers through 52 ways they can create change, one small step at a time.

It’s possible to create change in small increments, rather than an all-or-nothing approach. Mehta’s new book provides guidance on methods individuals can utilize to enhance their life and create the change they want to experience every day. No life is worry-free and Mehta demonstrates that when problems arise, they can be approached with a positive mindset.

The author helps individuals put an end to a cycle of bad days with a positive mental attitude. Readers will learn how to turn their Fridays into a day of positivity and light, while creating endless possibilities for joy and kindness to enter their life.

There are far too many people and situations ready to inject negative energy into the lives of others. Mehta demonstrates how to harness the power of a positive mindset to further their transformative journey in their private and work life.

Mehta is the author of numerous inspirational books to help individuals take control of their life and transform it into a joyous experience. Everyone wants to feel happy, worthy and appreciated. Her new book provides 52 ways to help readers achieve those goals through small changes and reward themselves with a more fulfilling life.

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About Michelle Mehta

Michelle Mehta is a certified life coach, teen confidence expert, TEDx speaker, international best-selling author, and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner. She’s been featured on multiple media outlets that includes ABC and named one of the top female coaches to follow in 2021 by Yahoo Finance. She knows what it’s like to live a life in the dark. She was bullied and even after it stopped, she suffered from the trauma and it affected her self-worth. She created change in her own life and now helps high-profile clients and organizations lead happier and more confident lives where they love waking up each morning.

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