Selling From the Heart Launches New Resources For Sales Professionals

In this era of unprecedented change within the sales profession, Selling From the Heart is excited to announce the launch of new resources to help sales professionals and their leaders succeed.

“Authenticity is more critical than ever as sales professionals must find ways to establish trust with buyers in a virtual environment,” said Larry Levine, author of the bestseller, Selling From the Heart and co-host of the popular Selling From the Heart Podcast. “I believe this requires a combination of authentic value and authentic relationships.”

Levine believes that we are entering a new era in the sales profession where two critical factors need to be overcome. First, there is the challenge of building trust quickly in a post-trust world. Second, there is the challenge of selling in a hybrid environment that involves both virtual and face-to-face interactions with prospects and clients. 

A new suite of Authentic Selling courses helps sales representatives upskill their ability to prospect, close business, and manage client relationships. The courses integrate virtual selling and social networking concepts. Delivered virtually to sales teams or individual reps, these courses help salespeople adapt to the new selling environment.

“I firmly believe that salespeople must be able to communicate authenticity and build trust in today’s hybrid selling environment,” said Levine. “Otherwise, they risk getting left behind in the shifts in the economy and how we do business.”

In addition to the new courses, Selling From the Heart also provides a private community for sales professionals and leaders called the Selling From the Heart Insiders Group. In the group, members get to interact with each other in mastermind groups to solve problems and generate ideas. Up-close-and-personal events give members behind-the-scenes access to interact with sales authors and thought leaders. The group also includes a private social network where ideas can be shared.

Selling From the Heart helps sales leaders stay equipped with a weekly digest of ideas and resources. Salespeople are inspired and educated with a daily dose of inspiration. These messages combine encouragement with practical ideas to build authentic relationships and provide authentic value.

“We’re committed to helping sales professionals and leaders succeed in this time of change,” said Darrell Amy, co-host of the Selling From the Heart Podcast and author of the new bestseller, Revenue Growth Engine. “I’m excited about the impact we will have on this professional that we all love!”

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Selling From the Heart provides training and coaching to help sales teams achieve new levels of success. We are bringing authenticity and substance to the sales profession. After training sales teams around the world across multiple industries we’ve come to the conclusion that the two biggest things holding back sales people are inauthenticity and lack of substance. These two factors cost companies millions of dollars in lost sales and profits while perpetuating the problem of sales and customer turnover.

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