CoinMarketAlert Provides Real-Time Tools to Manage 7,000 Crypto Coins

Zug, Jun 11, 2020 – One of the most frustrating parts of monitoring cryptocurrency investments is obtaining accurate and timely information. CoinMarketAlert has solved that problem with its innovative crypto portfolio tracker platform and price alert tools for over 7,000 types of crypto coins and tokens.

Digital currency investors simply create an account to begin tracking their digital currency portfolio. Individuals receive real-time price alerts and breaking news, allowing them to make informed decisions. Monthly statements are also provided. Traders can choose a gold or silver subscription level to accommodate their individual needs.

With the array of cryptocurrency tools available at CoinMarketAlert, there’s no need for investors to spend valuable time searching for the latest information on their assets. All notifications are provided in real-time. The company also provides portfolio value notifications, weekly statements via email, and enables individuals to track the physical location of assets.

Traders receive market alerts when their selected coin goes above or below their selected price. Notifications are immediately delivered via email, discord, push notification, or Telegram, depending upon the investor’s preference. CoinMarketAlert offers more than a dozen different alerts encompassing, but not limited to profit and loss, volume and price percentage changes, market caps, and when new crypto coins are released for trading.

CoinMarketAlert offers a single solution that’s easy, convenient and immediate for managing multiple cryptocurrencies from any location around the globe. The tracker enables traders to take advantage of real-time valuations and see an overview of their risk tolerance for a robust market strategy with one-click on their custom dashboards. An affiliate program is also offered to earn a 20 percent recurring commission.

Individuals can create their own custom alerts and the company has a five-star rating among users that consider it an indispensable part of an effective strategy for managing any form of cryptocurrency no matter where it was purchased or is being held. The real-time price alerts and timely signals available with CoinMarketAlert provide investors with the potential to increase their income levels multiple times over.

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CoinMarketAlert is a cryptocurrency price alert system that issues notifications to all connected devices whenever a selected cryptocurrency increases or decreases in price. Our mission is to provide the best price alert tools for new and experienced cryptocurrency traders to help them protect their investments. We currently help almost 10,000 customers achieve their goals.

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