Delia Keane Helps People Retrain the Subconscious for Happier, Healthier Lives

Delia Keane Helps People Retrain the Subconscious for Happier, Healthier Lives

Dublin, Ireland – Dec 23, 2020 – Delia Keane, known as the “Queen of Ireland, is helping people around the world live the life they desire by training the subconscious mind to assist them in discovering their true potential. The life coach, motivational speaker, and author is the founder of The Institute of Vibrational Resonance (TIOVR), offering eBooks, online digital courses, and original documentaries for living a mindful life.

Keane combines her extensive experience and expertise with her advanced degrees in Kinesiology and Metaphysics, along with PSYCH-K, to work with individuals and groups, providing guidance in all areas of their life. She also provides corporate training, lectures and seminars. TIOVR is a one-stop resource for those seeking a deeper understanding, alternative healing practices, and a holistic approach to life.

Keane has the unique ability of being able to read people and understand the underlying issues that are preventing them from achieving their goals. Even small experiences in life can have a profoundly negative effect on individuals that impacts every aspect of their existence.

Keane aids clients in discovering those experiences and negating their power, enabling them to live in peace and harmony by retraining the subconscious. Clients learn how to utilize their innate intuition to make more informed decisions. Individuals discover how to mirror the positive energy they want to attract through self-discovery and training the subconscious mind.

Knowledge is power and Keane’s methods help people conquer weaknesses and transform them into positive aspects for improving their lives on multiple levels. The world and all its inhabitants are interconnected in ways that the vast majority of people don’t consider. Keane helps illuminate those connections for greater spiritual happiness, fulfillment, and balance in life.

Keane combines her knowledge of metaphysics, kinesiology, herbs, spirituality, and vibrational technology to help individuals around the globe live happier and more productive lives. Through The Institute of Vibrational Resonance, she helps individuals alter the energy within themselves to emerge happier and healthier emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

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About Delia Keane

Delia Keane is the founder of The Institute of Vibrational Resonance and a speaker in high demand. She’s the author of “The Sorceress: The Power of the Quantum Healing” and “The Act of Reprogramming Your Subconscious: An Active Approach to Drawing Your Life.” She grew up in London, suffering from PTSD and a lack of self-confidence as a result of being adopted. It was only as she matured that she realized the gift of being able to help people through her insights. She’s a mother, animal lover and has advanced degrees in Metaphysics and Kinesiology.

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