Tap into an exhaustive data with fast and easy to use Reverd API

It is now possible for telephone service providers to check in real time if a phone number is blacklisted in the Reverd database using Reverd’s simple, low latency API. Its database is being constantly updated with new numbers reported by its users directly from their phones.

Sheridan, WY, USA – November 21, 2018 – One can put his finger on the pulse of scam phone calls and he will feel the people’s pain. Every day some 20,000 reported harassing numbers are being added to the global database including Do-Not-Call registry violations. People want to get rid of annoying phone scam calls. The government wants to reduce scam and robo-calls. In the Federal Communications Commission release dated 6 Nov 2018 it reads: “…We must do everything we can to catch and stop scammers, and industry cooperation is vital to achieving that goal.” Part of the problem is that scammers constantly change phone numbers they use to target people. The question is:

How will phone service providers know about the latest reported harassing phone numbers, blacklisted in the Reverd database?

“We created a straightforward and easy to use API for telephone service companies and VoIP providers enabling them to verify a phone number in real time and make sure the number is clean and has not been reported. The Reverd API and documentation are available at https://reverd.com/api/” – says company’s spokesperson Mark McCoy.

The Reverd API can be tested here – https://reverd.com/api/verify (e.g. +12106403195)

Why it is important for telephone companies to have and use fresh data of reported harassing numbers and what are the benefits for their customers: “Our users report harassing calls directly from their phones the moment they receive them. This is as fresh and accurate information as possible. Obviously the reported harassing numbers are active now and will probably try to harass more and more people. After a while the scammer will probably change the number used for scamming people. What happens when they change their number? Once they start using a different number at least one of the new targeted victims of their harassing calls will report it to our system. Then the phone providers using the Reverd API will know about the new harassing number and can act accordingly.” – said CEO Mark McCoy. “Telephone companies and VoIP providers need fresh and accurate data to assist their customers in blocking unwanted scam calls. Here is where the Reverd API comes to help. There is no charge for the first thirty days (testing period) of using the API. A special rate per request is currently applied for early adopters.”

The Reverd automatic phone scam stopper system is used in many countries around the world. The team behind Reverd has seen reported scam from Egypt, Israel, Russia, France, Italy, Brazil and many more with the most scam reports coming from the U.S.A.

It is unfortunate to see that scammers are targeting vulnerable groups of the community like the elderly, veterans, sick people and even kids. That is unacceptable and must stop. Therefore the Reverd automatic scam stopper system was created to help reduce the negative impact of the phone scam. The Reverd team is proud to see it work. It is intelligent and efficient.

Members of the press and others who have additional questions about the contents of this press release are encouraged to contact Mark McCoy as provided below.

About Reverd.com:

Reverd.com is a global system to automatically stop unwanted harassing scam and robo-calls using crowd reporting and a lightweight free app. Users report new scam calls instantly from their phones creating large global user-built database. Reported scams are eliminated on phones using the Reverd app reducing stress and increasing productivity. This way everyone protects everybody.

For the latest reported scam and harassing numbers visit https://reverd.com/

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