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Jan 28, 2019 (Heraldkeeper via COMTEX) — Kick Health Launches Telemedicine Service, Enables Access To Prescription-Strength Confidence

Pitch – Kick Health launches telemedicine consults and access to the same prescription solutions trusted by professional insiders to block shaky hands, racing heart rate, and other common symptoms of performance and social anxiety during presentations, interviews and first dates. #kickhealth

San Francisco, CA – January 24, 2019

Kick Health, a telemedicine startup that helps professionals overcome performance and social anxiety during high-stakes moments such as presentations, interviews, and first dates, announced today the official launch of their telemedicine prescription service.

An Old Approach to a Common Fear, Delivered in a New Way

More than 75% of people say they’ve experienced some level of fear and anxiety around public speaking or presenting. This fear has a negative impact on those who suffer from it, holding many people back from reaching their full potential in their professional and personal lives.

“Almost everyone experiences nerves and pre-performance jitters before big moments, including me, and it can hold you back. I was a shy kid, and often feigned sickness so that I could avoid giving a speech or presenting in class,” says Kick Founder and CEO Justin Ip. “Fear of class participation didn’t help my grades, and I’ve likely been overlooked for professional promotions and pay raises because I’ve been too scared to speak up.”

According to Stanford-trained psychiatrist and medical advisor to Kick Dr. Alex Dimitriu, Propranolol, a prescription beta-blocker drug, has been “scientifically shown to minimize the shakiness, sweaty palms, and rapid heartbeat many of us experience before a big moment.”

“Most people don’t know that solutions, especially prescription-strength solutions, even exist. Kick is the first telemedicine startup to offer these solutions to consumers discreetly and conveniently,” says Ip.

Reimagining the Prescribing Experience

Kick Health operates as a prescription telemedicine company.

Customers start by visiting Kick’s website at www.gokick.com, where they’ll complete a brief, asynchronous telemedicine visit with one of Kick’s licensed, board-certified doctors. Once a prescription is approved, Kick’s pharmacy partners can mail orders directly to the customer’s door.

Each shipment includes a fit-in-your-pocket, matchbox-sized container holding 24 tablets.

“We noticed in talking to insiders that they took their tablets out of the large, bulky prescription containers they picked up from the pharmacy when heading outside, so we took the opportunity to create custom-designed, discreet and compliant packaging that would fit conveniently in your pocket or purse,” says Ip.

After their visit, customers can access their treatment plans, prescription information, and submit follow-up questions to their doctor at any time using Kick’s secure messaging feature.

The price is $59, which includes the cost of the doctor visit and follow-ups, the prescription beta-blocker tablets, and free shipping.

About Kick Health – The Insider’s Edge

Kick Health helps smart, capable professionals overcome the fears that hold them back from being the very best versions of themselves. Our personalized telemedicine service offers easy access to beta-blocker prescriptions, the insider’s edge to blocking nervous symptoms like a racing heartbeat, shaky hands, or trembly voice. Kick is partnered with leading experts from Stanford, Yale, and Harvard in psychiatry, medicine, and emotional fitness.

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Founder and CEO: Justin Ip

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